Video: Packing Up Polonia After Nearly Three Decades

Renata Jurczyk spent Dec. 29 with her family, cleaning out Polonia, the restaurant she had owned for 28 years and shuttered on Christmas Eve.

“I feel bad for the people who came here. They felt like this is their home and it’s a big part of their lives. And it’s gone,” she said.

Ms. Jurczyk abandoned her career aspirations to run the restaurant, which first opened at 126 First Avenue (it moved a block down six years later). “I finished law school in Poland,” she said. “I never dreamed about having a restaurant. I came here when I finished school. I started to go to school here to become a paralegal, but I didn’t finish because I had too much work in the restaurant and small kids.  It was too much.”

The Local spoke to Ms. Jurczyk and her daughters as they packed up last week.