The Day | What We Lost

MarsWish I could ..

Good morning, East Village.

In the “Eighth Annual Curbed Awards,” Curbed highlights some lost landmarks, including 35 Cooper Square and Mars Bar, and also names Ray’s Candy Store and the St. Mark’s Bookshop as “Threatened Neighborhood Landmarks That are Somehow Still Standing.”

EV Grieve also remembers some of the notable East Villagers we lost this year, including photographer Bob Arihood, teacher and activist Monica “Kathryn” Shay, and bartender John Leeper.  Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York also laments some of those we lost, including Tony Amato, owner  of his namesake opera house on the Bowery, and Chloe Dzubilo, “transgender and AIDS activist, artist, writer, punk rocker and East Villager.”

Grieve writes that Itzocan Café, a French-Mexican spot that opened on East Ninth Street in 2003, has “For Rent” signs up along with a note saying: “To our loyal customers, thank you for all your support throughout the years. But unfortunately we are out of business.”