The Day | Warring Dictators? Manitoba Fires Back at Shernoff

Secret freaky frogbat patiently awaits its preyScott Lynch

Good morning, East Village.

On his blog, Dick Manitoba, owner of Manitoba’s, takes some swipes at his old Dictators bandmate, Andy Shernoff. Seeming to refer to comments Mr. Shernoff made in an interview with The Local, Handsome Dick writes, “IRONY?…A man who puts BALDING 50 year old people down for trying to re-capture THEIR youth by playing in those silly rock and roll bands, and playing the oldies circuit. SOOOOOO, for a man nearing 60, trying to re-capture HIS youth with hair plugs and preaching to the converted, by playing in tiny clubs, and for self congratulatory hipsters watching 70 year old men from 60’s garage bands is cooL?…HA HA HA”

The Union Square Holiday Market is back, as Runnin’ Scared points out.

East Village Arts gets wind of a victory celebration and 34th birthday party for the St. Mark’s Bookshop.

The Times reviews “Once Upon a Time Country,” a 70-minute dance performance inspired by the Iranian protests of 2009, currently at Danspace Project at St. Mark’s Church. Claudia La Rocco writes that parts of the performance “are uncomfortable, even upsetting, to watch. You feel their futility, and yours. Somehow, there is something powerful in this feeling. It is a terrible thing to behold, and to hold.”

EV Grieve notices that Sahara East has reopened after its brush with the tax man.

Washington Square News reviews a relative newcomer, Ugly Kitchen: “The decor is sophisticated, with a modest candle lighting each table. The staff really seems to care about your dining experience, and the food was superb.”

NY1 visits Thanksgiving celebrations at the Sirovich Center. Volunteers from the United Jewish Appeal-Federation served hundreds of low-income senior citizens.

According to the Daily Mail, “Spiderman” stars Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield strolled through the neighborhood hand-in-hand over the weekend.