Amber Tamblyn’s East Village

amberAmber Tamblyn While shooting “House.”

Amber Tamblyn may be known to many for playing an angst-ridden teen in “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” and med student Martha Masters on “House,” but after 15 years as an actress, she’s branching out. These days, she’s performing with her mother, Bonnie Murray Tamblyn; co-producing a show for Fox with Katie Jacobs, an executive producer of “House”; and working on her third book of poetry. She has also written her first screenplay (adapted from the novel “Paint It Black” by Janet Fitch) and runs a non-profit, Write Now Poets, dedicated to finding creative programs to support poetry. “And lastly,” she told The Local over e-mail, “I’m hoping to end world hunger by Wednesday. Fingers crossed!”

Ms. Tamblyn divides her time between Los Angeles and the East Village, where she has lived for three years. She also performs in the neighborhood – most recently at “The Inspired Word,” an open mic night at One and One. “I never liked any other neighborhood,” she told The Local. Although, here’s a secret: She and her fiancée, the comedian David Cross, are moving to Brooklyn. Before she leaves us, we asked her about her favorite spots in the old neighborhood.

Best comedy club
Is this a trick question? Obviously my girl Amy Poehler’s new UCBeast, which is giving bloggers on much to talk about. And when I say talk, I mean hate.

Best dinner
Lavagna on Fifth. Hands down.

Coolest bar
Before 3 a.m., Whiskey Town, but only for the whiskey pickle shot. After 3 a.m., my house.

Favorite boutique
There are so many now it’s hard to say. Seriously. Let’s just say any of the vintage stores between Third Street and 14th Street and between Avenue C and Bowery. That should narrow it down.

Best place for people watching
Tompkins Square Park. It’s the best. Also, there is a hawk that lives there. Hawk watching in the park is a great way for college kids and junkies to come together for a season of understanding.

Best coffee
The Bean, which used to be on the corner of Third and First but has since moved. I can’t believe a Starbucks is opening up there. I really don’t know what to say.

Best live music
Esperanto on Avenue C and 10th Street. Brazilian. Amazing. Or, of course, the Mercury Lounge.

Best place to come home to after a long trip
Always 2A. Always.

Finally, we asked: “Did you choose the East Village or did the East Village choose you?” She replied, “I think I chose the East Village, which is ironic considering my fiancée and I are moving out of it next month. We are going to try Brooklyn for a year. See how it goes. We will watch for the East Village’s smoke signals. Maybe someday we’ll be back: Who knows?”