Time Warner Really Wants to Get on Your Good Side

timewarnerDaniel Maurer

Time Warner, the cable company that boasts a measly 1.5 stars on Yelp, has been going out of its way to please the neighborhood of late. Maybe they’re nervous about that rogue Comcast truck? Witness the form letter (and a flyer) from a so-called Concierge Relationship Representative for the 10009 zip code that recently appeared in the foyer of at least one East Village building. “I would like to personally take this time to speak with you,” writes Sheeva Butler, who includes her cell phone number, “to discuss any needs or concerns that you may currently have.” Sure – let’s grab a latte at Ost? Meanwhile, a contributor to The Local who preferred to remain anonymous e-mailed us this tale of an unexpectedly fruitful exchange with Time Warner’s customer service department.

I live in the East Village, and I’m fed up with Time Warner Cable being down. It was out all weekend in my area and it’s happening more and more. This past weekend I couldn’t watch “Boardwalk Empire,” or Herman Cain squirming at news conferences, or listen to Salt-n-Pepa on Throwback Jamz. One good thing: I called Time Warner today and asked sarcastically, “How much do I get reimbursed for this last outage?” And they actually credited my account. So then I said, “What about October outages?” And they credited that, too. I got about 20 bucks back. Some Salty Pimps at the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop are calling my name.

Has anyone had similar success?