The East Village’s Five Best Beer Bars, According to a Guru of Brews

Food and drink writer Joshua M. Bernstein has spent many an evening in the pubs and taprooms of the East Village. In fact, tonight at 6 p.m. he’ll sign his new book at one of them, Jimmy’s No. 43. With “Brewed Awakening: Behind the Beers and Brewers Leading the World’s Craft Brewing Revolution” out this month, we asked Mr. Bernstein to take us to his five favorite beer joints in the neighborhood. Crawl along with the sultan of suds by watching our video, and below, find out what he likes to wet his whistle with at each spot.

The Bar: Drop Off Service
The Beer: Founders Red’s Rye Ale.
The Bernstein: “The rye adds spiciness, sharpness and complexity. It dries the beer out, too, tempering the hops and making it a crisp, easy drinker.”

The Bar: Good Beer NYC (a retail store with tasting tables)
The Beer: A flight that included Great Divide Fresh Hop Ale.
The Bernstein: “It’s a perfect beer for the fall. It’s made with fresh hops, making it subtler and more fragrant than some other ales.”

The Bar: Jimmy’s No. 43
The Beer: Green Flash Imperial IPA
The Bernstein: “It hits you over the head and knocks your socks off, in a good way.”

The Bar: Standings
The Beer: Anything from Bear Republic, Speakeasy Ales & Lagers, Nebraska Brewing Company, or Kelso.
The Bernstein: “Even if your team loses you can drown your sorrows in something lip-smacking.”

The Bar: D.B.A.
The Beer: Rogue Stout, poured on a nitro tap.
The Bernstein: “Nitro gives you a bit of a creamier head on there and makes it a delicious beer to drink all day long.”