The Day | Stuy Town Tenants Won’t Stand for Skating Rink

videoSuzanne Rozdeba

Good morning, East Village.

A line formed outside of Video Games New York on East Sixth Street last night (above: the scene at 7:30 p.m.), in anticipation of the midnight release of “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.” The video game was expected to sell as many as 6 million copies in 24 hours, according to Bloomberg.

According to DNA Info, a representative of the Department of Transportation will be at tomorrow’s meeting of Community Board 3’s Transportation and Public Safety Committee, in order to hear suggestions about where in the neighborhood bike share stations should go.

EV Grieve notices flyers in several buildings maintained by Jakobson Properties encouraging fellow tenants to tweet about any upkeep problems that haven’t been addressed.

Speaking of problematic apartments, a former East Villager tells Curbed about having once put up with “increasingly aggressive drug dealers on the block, another neighbor on crack who would pawn his wife’s jewelry creating endless and very loud daily dramas, insane former vet constantly complaining of beg bugs down the hall,” and, oh yes, a decomposing body next door.

The Stuyvesant Town Peter Cooper Village Tenants Association has penned a letter to Rose Associates complaining about the installation of a private winter skating rink in Stuyvesant Town. Though Adam R. Rose assured Council Member Daniel R. Garodnick that he would “do everything possible to minimize the disturbance that may be caused by the ice rink to the buildings that surround it,” the Tenants Association is still worried that music from the rink won’t end till 8 p.m.: “Such a late end to the music, not to mention the 9:00 p.m. closing time,” writes Councilman Garodnick in a letter reprinted on Stuy Town Living, “strike me as inconsiderate to those who live near the rink and who may have small children, work early hours, or simply seek peace and quiet in the evening in a neighborhood well known for it.”

According to Eater, brunch at Saxon + Parole starts this weekend. Expect “French toast topped with Nutella and bananas, potato Parmesean cake with Mangalitsa ham, polenta pancakes, and some dinner dishes like their burger and roasted chicken.”

Meanwhile it’s the end of an era at the Sunburnt Cow: The Avenue C destination has ended its $20 all-you-can drink-for-two-hours deal (on weekdays, anyway) after being fined by the State Liquor Authority. According to NYU Local, “people were drinking too much in two hours. People began drinking more than they could handle and the bar witnessed too many nights of excessive emotion and barf.”

Finally, a couple of accolades for local spots: According to a press release picked up by Business Insider, PDT has been named the best bar in the world by an international array of bar professionals polled by Drinks International, a trade magazine. Meanwhile Canada’s Globe and Mail recommends Kanoyama on Second Avenue as “one of the top sushi restaurants in the city.”