The Day | Bars Closed for Illegal Sale of Alcohol

mummyDaniel Maurer

Good morning, East Village.

Yes, that’s a mummy on Avenue B. The Local spotted it on a balcony at 295 East Eighth Street. Meanwhile in the park, there was some “blood wrestling” this weekend. Grieve and Melanie have photos.

EV Grieve spots signage indicating that two bars have been temporarily closed by the NYPD for “illegal sale of alcoholic beverages.” A photo on Neighborhoodr indicates Krystal Cafe met the same fate. Meanwhile the Mermaid Inn is taking some voluntary time off to renovate.

According to a review in The Times of “A Felony in Blue, or Death by Poker,” the new play by Daniel Gallant, the executive director of the Nuyorican Poets Cafe, serves as a good excuse to gather some of the cafe’s founding members, including Lois Elaine Griffith and Rome Neal.

Lots of good news coming out of East Village Radio, per Its Southern hip-hop show, “Ballers Eve,” just turned eight, Jane’s Addiction was scheduled to appear on another show, “Infinite Eargasm”; and the radio station recently appeared on the HBO show “How to Make It In America.”

The Atlantic profiles David Sauvage, an East Village freelancer who makes commercials not just for the Wall Street Journal, but also for Occupy Wall Street.