The Day | About The ‘New Breed’ of East Villager

Pedal PusherSusan Keyloun

Save The Lower East Side pens a lengthy thought piece about why exactly the “new breed” of East Village resident feels threatened by Occupy Wall Street: “This new breed of Lower East Sider comes to enjoy a sense of urban authenticity in Manhattan. Of course, it’s not authentic at all, but a kind of faux authenticity, pretend authenticity: the EV feels like it’s hip, it imagines itself to be hip, it has lots of youth who style themselves as hip, but in reality, they are just children of wealth seeking $700 a month more hipness and urban pretend-authenticity than they would get in Queens.”

Speaking of “the never-ending push and pull between New York’s past and present,” The Times tours Bowery House, a shabby flophouse turned chic hotel where some of the old residents are still bunking up for $10 per night. One of them (who may or may not know that he has a room named after him) apparently isn’t a fan of the conversion, and is said to have twice smashed the hotel’s neon sign.

Elsewhere on the Bowery, Bowery Boogie finds out that Bowery Coffee, the café from the owner of the adjoining lighting shop B4 It Was Cool, will open on Monday.

Oh, and The Local noticed, as did EV Grieve, that a new clothing boutique, Riff, now occupies the space that once held Morrison Hotel Gallery.

The parents of Danny Chen, the soldier who died in Afghanistan under circumstances that are being investigated, say that he was racially taunted and may have been physically bullied by fellow soldiers. According to NY1, Private Chen grew up in Chinatown and the East Village.

According to Runnin’ Scared, Chelsea Elliott, one of the women who was pepper sprayed by Inspector Anthony Bologna on Sept. 24, is joining the other, Kaylee Dedrick, in pressing charges against the officer.

After noticing that 75 St. Marks Place has hit the market after being owned by the same family since 1973, Grieve is worried about the ground-floor tenant, the venerable Holiday Cocktail Lounge. “The commercial lease is controlled by the owner, so it can be delivered vacant or the Holiday Cocktail Lounge continued,” reads Corcoran’s listing.

Katie Holmes may stay in the American Felt Building on East 13th Street, but Off The Grid points out that her favorite books – Washington Square by Henry James and The Ghost of Greenwich Village by Lorna James – indicate her heart is further west.