The Day | Heathers Gets Liquor License Renewal

east village inspirationAlexis Lamster

Good morning, East Village.

Despite Community Board 3’s disapproval, Heathers managed to snag a renewal of its liquor license from the State Liquor Authority, according to a Facebook post picked up by EV Grieve.

Apparently there’s a new hawk in Tompkins Square Park. Grieve has photos.

Since Times critic Charles Isherwood might be taking a break from Adam Rapp, L magazine chimes in with a review of the playwright’s latest, “Dreams of Flying Dreams of Falling.” They’re certainly bigger fans than Mr. Isherwood is: “The terrific ensemble finds empathy in even the most caricature-compatible characters, so that by the end we share their long-defered dreams of flight and too-real fears of falling.”

If you’re still steamed about the whole Bean thing, here’s something to sip on: The Times wonders if we can thank Starbucks (yes, Starbucks) for the boom in independent coffee shops. The president of a real estate development firm says, “As Starbucks kept growing, guys who had a more boutique product or what they considered to be a better product said, ‘I could do this,’ and they put their plans into action.”

With a fundraiser (featuring Calvin Trillin and Russ & Daughters!) coming up at Astor Center in November, the GVSHP casts its eye on the wine shop’s home, the DeVinne Press Building, which dates back to 1885.