The Day | Remembering Bob Arihood

Phillip Kalantzis-Cope

Good Morning, East Village.

Villagers continued to mourn the passing of photographer Bob Arihood on Friday. EV Grieve shares a collection of Mr. Arihood’s photographs, and Runnin’ Scared offered its own tribute over the weekend. A vigil is planned for Tuesday night in front of Ray’s Candy Store, one of Mr. Arihood’s favorite haunts.

From one artist to another, Antonio “Chico” Garcia completed a mural for The Children’s Workshop School on East Twelfth Street over the weekend. NY1 reports that the veteran graffiti artist now plans to “cap his spray cans for good.”

Garcia began his painting career 34 years ago — not long before the band Blondie started playing CBGB. The San Francisco Chronicle writes that the band has stayed true to its East Village roots with its latest release.

Elsewhere on the left coast, Los Angeles gallery owner Susan Hancock has opened a new exhibition entitled “Pacific Standard Time: Art in La 1945-1980,” which explores the influence of California pop culture on New York’s new-Dada art movement. East village artists abound.

On Saturday Occupy Wall Street protestors expanded their reach from Zuccotti Park to the Brooklyn Bridge before being detained by police. City Room’s Natasha Lennard offers a harrowing account of the arrests, while Sarah Maslin Nir observes that the demonstrations have become a tourist destination.

Lastly, Halloween may be around the corner, but New Yorkers won’t have to wait until the end of the month to party like the undead. Fox News reveals that Beauty Bar on East Fourteenth Street will be throwing a zombie feast (Brains? Cold falafels?) on October 16 and participants are encouraged to check out an after party at Arlene’s Grocery on the Lower East Side.