The Day | Michael Moore Visits The Bookshop

East Village, ManhattanFrancisco Daum

Good morning, East Village.

EV Grieve notes that Michael Moore will appear at the St. Mark’s Bookshop this Thursday. He also stopped by Zuccotti Park to lend his support to the Occupy Wall Street activists, as did Susan Sarandon and Dr. Cornel West, per Gothamist. The Daily News suggests that few of the protestors are familiar with the film “Bull Durham,” or any of Ms. Sarandon’s work for that matter.

Bowery Boogie hears that Lillian Wald Houses is getting a new park. A press conference and garden planting will occur at Avenue D and Fifth Street next Monday.

Next month, the Sixth Street Community Synagogue will open The Center for Jewish Arts and Literacy, “an ambitious program of classes, concerts, films, poetry readings and performances.” Leading the program is rabbi, saxophonist and all-around hep cat Greg Wall, who George Robinson profiled yesterday in The Jewish Week. Rosh Hashanah begins at sundown today, just FYI.

Is Bushwick the new East Village (or rather the new, old East Village)? Not exactly, argues artist Deborah Brown, who muses on neighborhood aesthetics in Art Info’s latest Q&A.

EV Grieve reports that the 4th Street Food Co-op will be temporarily closed for renovations and that the Mosaic Café on Avenue C between East Ninth and East Tenth Streets will be shuttered for good. On the bright side, J. Kathleen White’s peephole dioramas have started popping up along the gate of the Ninth Street Community Garden on Avenue C.

In The Times, Sarah DiGregorio examines the food world’s fascination with chicken skins and cites Maharlika, a new restaurant on First Avenue between East Sixth and East Seventh streets. The deep fried morsel is apparently a favorite snack in certain parts of the Philippines. Hey, it beats potato chips.

Updated September 29 to correct the official start of Rosh Hashanah.