The Day | Last of the Bohemians

Phillip Kalantzis-Cope

Good morning, East Village.

City Room profiles Larry Fagin, a poet and teacher who, at the age of 74, is “one of the East Village’s last standing bohemians.” He lives in a two-bedroom walk-up in Allen Ginsberg’s old building. His rent has almost tripled since he took the apartment in 1968 – yet he’s still paying only $150 a month.

EV Grieve notes that the Upright Citizens Brigade has opened its outpost on East 3rd Street, complete with Hot Chicks Room.

Thought Delancey was a bad street to bike on? Brooklyn Spoke thinks the Bowery is also a “death-trap” for bikers, and believes there has been “too much focus on what’s happening on the Manhattan Bridge and not enough on what’s happening when cyclists get off of it.”

In the Post today, Ginger Madson of Peels and Jim Meehan of PDT pair dishes and cocktails with runway models.

According to Florence Fabricant’s Fall Restaurant Preview in the Times, Empellon Cucina (Alex Stupak’s home-style spin-off of his taqueria Empellon) will open at 105 First Avenue in November. Bowery Veselka, which we previewed last month, is currently slated for early October.

Sonic Scoop interviews David Baker, the founder of East Village-based Spins.FM. The app allows users to request songs on the radio using social media like Facebook.