The Day | Jim Carrey Turns Tagger, Anthony Bourdain Becomes Priest

BODEGADaniel Maurer

Good morning, East Village. It was a busy holiday weekend, so let’s get right to it.

First, a sign in the door of Ave. A Mini Market indicates the mysteriously shuttered deli will return after a renovation.

Over the weekend, a local lounger, Heryk Tomasini, set up hammocks at Astor Place, Houston Street, and some other East Village and Lower East Side spots. According to Bowery Boogie, two of them were promptly stolen. Meanwhile a more renowned public artist, Chico, painted a new mural on Houston Street (EV Grieve has a photo), but was upstaged by actor-comedian Jim Carrey, who according to the Post “tried his hand at tagging yesterday by spraying the outside of a multimillion-dollar East Village home.” Contact Music says the home was Mr. Carrey’s own.

Another celebrity made an appearance at the much anticipated opening of the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop on Saturday, where the line stretched all the way to the park. Robert Sietsema of the Voice posted photos on Fork in the Road, and Bob Arihood, on Neither More Nor Less, pointed out that the line wasn’t unlike the bread line over at the park. EV Grieve posted video, then returned later to spot Anthony Bourdain in a priest’s costume, and then returned still later in the weekend to see the line was still going strong.

Elsewhere in desserts, Retail Me Not went on an East Village cupcake crawl, and the Daily News reported that Joe Monaco has opened a bakery in Bay Ridge. Before this, Mr. Monaco spent 37 years baking at Veniero’s: “John Belushi was fond of chocolate napoleons. Monaco once baked a 6-foot tiered cake for Taylor. Sinatra nibbled the Regina biscuits. And Bing Crosby and his wife were regular customers.”

On Bookslut, Kathleen Reeves compared Great Jones Street as it was depicted in Don DeLillo’s novel of the same name to the Great Jones Street of today: “The signs of commerce [protagonist] Bucky saw – ‘shipping and receiving, export packaging, custom tanning’ – have given way to the Great Jones Spa and an Au Bon Pain.” Flaming Pablum also revisited an old classic, namely a music video by the hardcore band Murphy’s Law that was filmed in the neighborhood. It “unwittingly captures what’s happening to the band’s old East Village stomping (and I do mean stomping) grounds to this day.”

The Brooklyn Rail paid a visit to “Revealed,” the burlesque show Gigi La Femme put on before heading to Nashville.

While Gamma Blog photographed a “classic passive aggressive” note written by someone who got her bag stolen out of her car on East 2nd Street, EV Grieve reprinted a Craigslist ad demanding the return of a bag that disappeared from Manitoba’s.

Did you down some beers over the long weekend? Not as many as these guys. According to the Daily News and DNAinfo, 13 local lushes set a Guinness World Record for hitting more than 170 bars in 24 hours.