Masak Fully Opens Tonight: Here’s How It’s Looking, What It’s Cooking

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The East Village got a new Filipino spot earlier this month, and now Larry Reutens, a former executive chef at Alias on the Lower East Side, is paying homage to a neighboring island, his native Singapore. Mr. Reutens arrived in New York in 2004 with plans to continue his career in finance, but he ended up going to culinary school while awaiting a work permit and decided to stick with cooking. He scored a gig in the kitchen at Aquavit, moved on to be sous chef of the defunct Tasting Room, and now, at Masak – his first solo venture – he’ll bring Asian ingredients into the New American sphere.

Singaporean hawker stalls are all the rage among the city’s food obsessives, but don’t expect mom-and-pop street food here. “Obtaining that level of authenticity is hard to do,” said Mr. Reutens. “I’m trying to do it in one or two dishes, but what’s more interesting to me is to use some local or seasonal ingredients, and vegetables from the farmers market.”

The menu below, which was being served during a soft opening last week, will expand in the coming days. Look for kueh pie tee, a traditional fried pastry cup that Mr. Reutens fills with ingredients such as seared foie gras, local plums, and roasted sweet corn. To drink, Briar Winters, the pastry chef, will blend teas, and Jeremy Hawn of Mayahuel will use Asian flavors in cocktails. The drink and dessert menus are also below, and you can take a look at the interior, modeled after a colonial “black and white” bungalow, above.

Emping crackers & Belacan sauce – $4

Grilled otak otak – $7

Kueh pie tee
Hen-of-the-woods mushrooms – $2
Shrimp, jicama, eggs – $2
Crudo of Arctic char, ginger crème fraiche – $3
Foie gras, tri-star strawberry, corn – $3.50

Crispy pork meatballs – $7
(pork butt, tofu, garlic chips)

Chili crab dip – $11

Spicy rock shrimp – $14
(grits, quail egg)

Dessert – $8
Chilled Charentais melon soup
(watermelon, pink grapefruit, coconut sorbet)

Tang Yuen dumplings
(roasted peanuts, chocolate ginger ice cream, cocoa nib crumble)

White chocolate crème
(elephant heart plums, Keemun tea, sesame crisp)

Condensed milk cake
(tiny strawberries, roasted coconut, kaya ice cream)

Shaken Cocktails
Bangkok Horizon – $11
(tequila, muddled Thai basil, homemade chili paste, lime, cane syrup)

Lemongrass Collins – $10
(muddled lemongrass, gin, lemon, cane syrup, club soda)

Masak Singapore Sling – $12
(gin, cherry Heering, Cointreau, Benedictine, pineapple, lime, Angostura bitters, anise rinse)

Seersucker – $11
(muddled mint and cucumber, gin, lemon, cane syrup, orgeat)

Siren’s Song Punch – $11
(rum, whiskey, house green-tea blend, muddled lemon peel, cane syrup)

Stirred Cocktails
Asian Cajun – $11
(bourbon, Cardamaro, Peychaud’s bitters, cane syrup, anise rinse)

Old Man Strength – $11
(Old Tom gin, dry vermouth, Benedictine)

Rise Up – $11
(spiced dark rum, sweet vermouth, allspice dram, St. Germain)

Spice Trade – $11
(rye, Cardamaro, Angostura bitters)

Velvet Click – $11
(gin, dry vermouth, Velvet Falernum)

Champagne Cocktails
Annex – $13
(muddled strawberries, vodka, lemon, cane syrup, prosecco)

Ginger & Maryann – $13
(gin, ginger syrup, cane syrup, prosecco)

Green-Eyed Jealousy – $13
(green chartreuse, lemon, cane syrup, prosecco)

Punches (4 glasses)
Masak Singapore Sling – $42
Siren’s Song Punch – $40

Masak; 432 East 13th Street, (212) 260-6740.