The Day | Getting Away from Irene (For a Moment)

The Eyes of The StormTim Schreier

Good morning, East Village, and good night, Irene.

Actually, The Local will have the last of its hurricane coverage for you later today (stay tuned!), but now that the neighborhood’s subways are running smoothly again, we’ll refrain from exacerbating your Irene fatigue and tell you what else is going on.

If you thought the rats would be washed out of Tompkins Square Park, think again: Neither More Nor Less caught them battling squirrels yesterday. Oh, and now we have to worry about cockroaches, too! And… mysterious red mushrooms?

If that’s not gross enough: A sculptor that developed a six-story condo at 259 Bowery is feuding with his next-door neighbor, the Sperone Westwater Gallery, and according to The Post he is accused of flinging feces at the gallery.

First the McSorley’s cat is oustered, and now The Times points out that East Village bars are becoming less dog-friendly. Owing to letter grades, bars like Ace are increasingly hesitant to violate the health code.

If that means you’ll be drinking at home now, know that a couple of brothers are producing Bomb, a beer marketed to the young alternative crowd. The Daily News has a photo of the current can, designed by the East Village’s own Billy the Artist.