Constance Zimmer’s East Village


Though she plays a high-powered studio exec on that most L.A. of television programs, “Entourage,” Constance Zimmer’s heart really belongs to the East Village. Ms. Zimmer — along with her husband, the director Russ Lamoureux, and their three-year-old daughter — divide their time between the West Coast, where work typically calls, and the East Village, a neighborhood that she feels “still has what makes New York New York.”

Here, she loves finding and frequenting “those little shops that have been there for years, and thrive because they’re local.” Though her sharp-tongued character Dana Gordon takes a bow along with the final season of  “Entourage,” look for Ms. Zimmer on the season finale of “Royal Pains,” and in the bawdy comedy “The Babymakers,” due next year. Until then, you just might find her at one of these favorite spots.

Favorite Coffee Place
Absolutely— Abraço. Their coffee is phenomenal. There’s something about that walk to to get the iced coffees and olive oil cake. That’s really what we crave about New York [when in Los Angeles] is walking everywhere.

Best Dinner
Freemans, Lil’ Frankie’s, and we love Back Forty. There’s a patio out back so when it’s nice and warm in the summer, they have fireflies. I just love the vibe. Peels— we definitely go there for breakfast, lunch and dinner sometimes.

Unique Boutique
Most of our stuff that’s in our New York apartment we have bought in New York. One of our favorite stores is John Derian. There’s also one of the greatest kids’ stores called Pink Olive. Sometimes I wish they had stuff in there that was my size.

Child-Friendly Spot
Everywhere we go, we kind of make it child friendly. We’re [typically] eating with her at 6 pm so places are so empty that it doesn’t matter. We’re fortunate enough to have a pretty good kid and she pretends she’s an adult so we pretty much take her everywhere. She does also like Gemma. They have a piano in the lobby and they’re always so nice to her.

Lastly, did Ms. Zimmer choose the East Village? Or did the East Village choose her? “I would say that the East Village chose me,” she explains, noting that she had previously been distracted by the West Village, but headed east when it began to feel overrun by Marc Jacobs shops and out-of-towners. “As soon as we got into the East Village, it pulled us in. Now, we can’t imagine being anywhere else.”

Angela Cravens is the editorial director of the pop culture “channelzine” Arcade 44