The Day | East Village Teens Busted for Bridge Walking

Williamsburg FallsC Ceres Merry

Good morning, East Village.

The Daily News reports that three First Avenue teenagers were arrested for walking across a beam of the Williamsburg Bridge early Saturday morning.

According to The Post’s crime blotter, a man posing as a real estate agent showed off an East Third Street apartment and pocketed $3,575 from two victims who thought they had snagged the digs.

EV Grieve notices a sign indicating that an outpost of the organic hamburger chain BareBurger is coming to the former Sin Sin space.

In addition to the mint trash bags we told you about, a baiting station is now being used to fight the Tompkins Square Park rats, EV Grieve notices.

According to a Comic’s Comic post picked up by EV Grieve, the Upright Citizens Brigade’s East Village theater will begin booking stand-up and variety shows in September.

New York magazine’s Fall Preview catches up with Debbie Harry and Blondie, which “tapped into a rich alchemical vein during those years in the Bowery lab” that was CBGB. Meanwhile on the new Bowery: The magazine has a q&a with Mathieu Palombino of Motorino, who will open the Bowery Diner next month.

Finally, enjoy some photos of the Village from 1978-1999, by photographer Michael Sean Edwards, who at one point lived above David Byrne at 128 East 7th Street.