The Day | Tompkins Square Rats, Coming to a Theater Near You

Good morning, East Village.

A reader points out a movie trailer that puts a cinematic spin on the Tompkins Square Park rat infestation. Or is it an invasion? Watch the video above. Meanwhile, rats aren’t the only nuisances in the park. Neither More Nor Less has photos of a Friday afternoon arrest.

According to The Post, an appeals court has given Jerry Delakas, operator of the endangered Astor Place newsstand, until at least November.

The Times profiles Paul Marino, a manager at Hearth and half of the duo Popeye & Cloudy. They perform Shakespeare scenes and Abbot and Costello bits on the subway.

New York Magazine sits down with actor, director, and former St. Marks resident Vera Farmiga at her beloved Ukranian East Village Restaurant. “Farmiga mentions, without disapproval, that it smells like an old gymnasium.”

Today in the way it was, EV Grieve points out some photos of a rainy Tompkins Square park in 1967 as well as a New York magazine article from 1984 about the upscaling of the neighborhood and the purchase of the Christodora.

NearSay rounds up the neighborhood’s best delis and singles out a Christina Tosi favorite, Sunny and Annie’s, as well as the great Zaragoza taqueria.

DNAinfo gets wind of a fire at 323 East 9th Street. It was contained without injuries.