The Day | Old Trials and New

Y-3Michelle Rick

Good morning East Village,

Last week, lawyers began making their closing arguments in the case against two East Village police officers on trial for rape, burglary, and official misconduct. The Times reported that on Friday Kenneth Moreno’s lawyer called on the jury to acquit his client, citing a lack of physical evidence. Closing arguments are set to resume today in the Manhattan Supreme Court.

Also, a search for missing 14-year-old Queens resident, Chetsea Williams, has spread to the East Village. Yesterday, the EV Grieve spotted these flyers, posted in Tompkins Square Park. The girl’s mother told The Local this morning that her daughter has not been seen since going to school on Friday and that local authorities are involved in the search. If you have any information, please contact the numbers listed on the flyer.

In happier news, changes on the restaurant scene mean much is afoot for local flavor.  Last week, Ssam Bar reopened the space at its adjunct, previously Momofuku Milk Bar, and posted a fresh menu, headlining their new duck-featured lunches.  Japanese burgers have immigrated to Second Street.  And while the Acme Bar & Grill fell into the hands of new owners, Luke’s Lobsters threw in with the food truck trend, christening their new portable food counter the “Nauti.”