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Tim Schreier on catching artistic silhouettes in New York City.

Air Walk

“Photography has opened my eyes over the past few years. It makes me look at things in a different and more appreciative way. When I think with my ‘picture-taker head’ I am looking at things from a different perspective and noticing things — like people in profile — that I would otherwise have passed by without giving any thought to them. Here’s a performance artist in Washington Square Park.”


“I call this one ‘Oops.'”

Click Trick

“This woman seems impressed by Calder mobile — you can’t see it in this shot — in the staircase at MoMA.”

Rainbow Leaps

“This teenager started going wild in front of me and her friends when she saw some of Ellsworth Kelly’s classic pieces at the Met.”

Hello Hello

“This woman is doing her best imitation of the iPod advertisements of a few years back while she walks on the Bowery.”

Visible "Invisible Man"

“A possible tribute to Ralph Ellison in Chelsea? Or simply a bike rack?'”

Blending In

“This woman is dressed for the artist Maya Barkai’s Walking Men 99 as part of the Downtown Alliance’s project in Lower Manhattan.”

Tim Schreier is a community contributor to The Local East Village.