The Day: Enough to Make You Sneeze

Liz Christy Garden, ManhattanFrancisco Daum

Good morning, East Village.

Here at the Local and elsewhere, we in the neighborhood are keeping an eye out for the next step in the saga of 35 Cooper Square, as demolition looks like it could start soon. Pleasetweet us a pic if you see any changes.

Other changes in the area include the closing and opening of a spate of new shops: some chocolate is saying goodbye, some new cocktails are saying hello, more gelato might be on its way and a well-loved coffee joint is being welcomed back.

Speaking of welcomes, Nicholas Forker’s astronaut mural got tagged soon after its arrival on Houston, Bowery Boogie reports. Any artistic additions today may want to add an inhaler or antihistamines for the poor fellow — it’s just as warm and sunny as yesterday, but pollen’s up.