The Day | Gray Skies and Murals

You're all looking at my bangs, aren't you?C. Ceres Merry

Good morning, East Village.

Spring is missing in action again today, but there are clear skies in sight for the weekend.

Girls Prep, the all-girls charter school long in search of a home and enmeshed in disputes over school space, will be moving into permanent digs soon enough. According to DNAinfo, the city recently approved the school’s move into the vacant East Side Community High School on 12th Street, located between First Avenue and Avenue A.

Recent confusion over Central Park signage, and outrage on the part of Borough President Scott Stringer who recognized misleading East-West confusion, has led to further questions about the identity of Fifth Avenue. Does it belong to our east side?

If you’re curious about a couple of new murals popping up in the neighborhood in recent weeks, namely the ones on Eighth Street between Avenues B and C, and on East Third Street between the Bowery and Second Avenue, EV Grieve explains the development.

With the 100th anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire just a day away, David W. Dunlap at The Times City Room blog ponders why the disaster is engrained in our memories so vividly. He looks to news coverage at the time for answers here.

If you have any striking photos of last night’s thunderous hailstorm, or results of its fury, please share them with us by submitting them to the blog’s Flickr group.