The Day | Haunted by the Past

under the williamsburgAlexis Lamster

Good morning East Village,

The unpredictable March weather is at it again. Highs today will reach just 34 degrees, and reports expect a snowfall.

The one hundredth anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist fire, a tragedy that killed nearly 150 garment workers, arrives this Friday, City Room reports. To commemorate the horrific event, which exposed the horrors labor conditions in the city at the time, many will gather at Cooper Union Hall. Find more information here.

Last night’s Community Board 3 meeting featured many voices speaking out against demolition of 35 Cooper Square. Most remembered an older East Village, in their minds memorialized in the structure. EV Grieve references the Bowery’s grittier past in a post this morning.

Finally, more from the world of street art as artist KATSU hits the Lower East Side, replacing legitimate phone booth ads with his own work. Bowery Boogie reproduces the evidence, courtesy photographer JDX whose work has also featured on The Local this week.