The Day | To Catch a Hipster

IMGP9418.JPGBruce Monroe

Good morning, East Village.

The Upright Citizens Brigade are gearing up to make their debut in the East Village by putting signs up around local mailboxes, reports EV Grieve.  The comedy theatre troupe recently caused a stir among some locals with their “Hot Chicks Room” sign, located at the Upright Citizens Brigade HQ on Avenue A and Third Street.  The sign refers to one of the brigade’s comedy skits.  However, one local has started a petition to have the sign removed.

In other news, more artists seem to be leaving their mark in the East Village.  Not only are there more manuscript pages handing on lampposts, but locals have also spotted finger sculptures protruding from posts.  So far EV Grieve reports sightings on 11th Street, between First Avenue and Avenue A, and on 10th Street, between Avenues A and B.  Have you seen any in the East Village?  Tweet us your pics if you see any today.

Another piece, referred to as The Hipster Trap, was spotted on the corner of Avenue A and Sixth Street.   An unknown artist baited a steel-jaw trap trap made of cardboard with a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon, a pack of American Spirit cigarettes, a bike chain and neon pink Wayfarers.  The person who made the trap has yet to be identified.

As for the weather, aside from the partly cloudy morning, it looks like today will be mostly sunny with a high of 49 degrees.