Your Voices | The Photography of jdx

154 east 2nd.jdx

Last week, we brought you a photo essay by jdx, a community contributor to The Local. His images seemed to resonate with many of The Local’s readers, who offered a range of reactions about the images and jdx’s commentary on the East Village, its past and its future.

“In a neighborhood that is progressively morphing to costly glass and sheetrock,” jdx wrote of an accompanying image of First Houses. “Someday these untouchable buildings might be the only trace of an East Village that has any sense of its own history.”

Those sentiments struck a chord with many readers.

Pauline Zubin wrote:

“not only are the pictures interesting and worth several looks. the description of each one was informative,
so often we walk by these very things and not take notice. i want to thank the photographer for making them beyond noticeable.

Guillermo added:

“These are very inspirational, poetic, and neolithic. We want more!!!”

Phil Vale said:

“The photographer has found angles that restore the allure of a dangerous, artistic and inspirational East Village, where people gathered to see cokeheads, not Cakeshops, and the most exciting thing on the street wasn’t a new food van. Poverty and violence mingled with music and sex while the wealthy, protected and curious went slumming for an experience. We get another glimpse of that here.”

Join the conversation: What does the work evoke for you?