The Day | Cooper Square News

dawn at the ProjectsKevin Farley

Good morning East Village.

Many of us are mourning the now certain loss of 35 Cooper Square, one of the last emblems of another New York in the East Village. EV Grieve gives a taste of the building’s history this morning.

The space, which was slated for complete demolition as of yesterday, is framed by scaffolding. For current news on the matter, refer to yesterday’s coverage in The Local.

Across the square, the gargantuan new apartment building at 2 Cooper Square is serving as a skate ramp for kids in the neighborhood, according to EV Grieve. The building’s high-ticket units and roof pool do not excuse it from skate duty.

In other real estate news, a For Sale sign flew off a building on 9th Street yesterday due to severe winds. The blizzard may be over, but natural forces are still among us, so watch out!