Posts published in February, 2011

Final Tenants Reflect on 35 Cooper

As the historic site at 35 Cooper Square faces the prospect of demolition, the building’s last tenants, who operated the 35 Asian Pub, recalled their memories of working and living in the oldest building on Cooper Square.

Your Voices | Liquor Licenses

A sampling of opinions from around the East Village about Community Board 3’s recent decision regarding the transfer of liquor licenses.

A Tribute to Janine Pommey Vega

Friends of poet and teacher Janine Pommy Vega, who died in December, gathered at a reading tribute Sunday at The Bowery Poetry Club to remember her.

The Day | A Few Comings and Goings

A roundup of news articles and blogposts related to the East Village.

Viewfinder | jdx

The photography of jdx, a community contributor to The Local East Village.

The Day | More on Grace and 35 Cooper

A roundup of news articles and blogposts related to the East Village, including items about Grace Farrell, the homeless woman who died near St. Brigid’s Church last weekend, and 35 Cooper Square.

Street Scenes | Sunset

The photography of Alexis Lamster, a community contributor to The Local East Village.

East Village Tweets

Would-be messages from the East Village, in 140 characters or less.

Conversation | Liquor Licenses

We’d like to hear your thoughts about Community Board 3’s recent decision to change the process for transferring liquor licenses.

The Day | A New Era for Local Bars

A roundup of news articles and blog posts related to the East Village.

Paint Your Wagons

Various forms of street art and graffiti, of course, are a familiar part of the East Village landscape, enjoyed by some, deplored by others and impossible to eradicate. Vans are in an increasingly popular target for tags.

Designer Defends New Bowery Hotel

A look at the debate over the futuristic design of the new Bowery Hotel.

The Day | Demolition Set to Continue

Vivienne Gucwa Good morning, East Village. With each passing day, more details surface about Grace Farrell’s life, and death, near Tompkins Square Park. It’s reported that last Thursday, when a friend, Danielle, overdosed in Tompkins Square Park, Ms. Farrell assisted in CPR while waiting for an ambulance to arrive.  If Ms. Farrell’s own death turns […]

Board Overhauls Liquor License Process

Ending months of debate, Community Board 3 Tuesday night approved a sweeping overhaul of the way it makes recommendations to the State Liquor Authority for alcohol license applications.

Dozens Gather at Vigil for 35 Cooper

About three dozen demonstrators turned out to protest the planned demolition of historic 35 Cooper Square.

Danger Crossing the Bowery

With traffic running north and south, the Bowery is one of the main arteries of the East Village. It is also the fourth most dangerous road for pedestrians in Manhattan, according to a newly released report by the Tri-State Transportation Campaign.

Clicking for Cupcakes

Butter Lane bakery is just one of many East Village small businesses turning to deal sites, and other forms of social media because they don’t want to spend money on other forms of advertising.

The Day | More Details About Grace

A roundup of news articles and blogposts related to the East Village.

A Death Jolts the Park’s Homeless

For many of the neighborhood’s homeless, the death of a woman who was sleeping outside St. Brigid’s Church on Sunday underscored the perilousness of life on the streets.

The Day | A Grim Discovery

A roundup of news articles and blogposts related to the East Village.