Beyond the Dog Run | Howloween

Leslie Koch, a contributor to The Local East Village, visited the 20th annual Dog Parade at Tompkins Square Park Saturday and turned her lens on the costume competition.

Karen Biehl, of the Upper West Side, posed with her Chihuahua Eli. Their Egyptian costumes were created by pet fashion designer Roberto Negrin.

Sir Lancelot and Barracuda dressed as a Kit Kat candy bar.

Gracie as Scarlett O’Hara won Best in Show. She sat in a basket fashioned from the top of a cat’s litter box.

Spooky, a Chinese Crested dog, wore a spider costume created by his owner, artist Jennifer Pod.

Sauce, a Pomeranian, modeled a homemade costume based on the sci-fi classic Tron. It took Williamsburg resident Joanna Farah and her sister Stephanie one month to create the outfit and container.

Macaroon, a Chihuahua mix, captured attention with her “butter” costume at the 2010 Halloween parade.

Corinne, 6, posed for a photograph with her bulldog Lucy. The duo were dressed as Buzz Lightyear and Woody from “Toy Story.”

Leo donned a wig and band t-shirt for his Slash costume. The Dalmatian’s owners are “huge” Guns N’ Roses fans.

Dario Gargiulo was inspired by the 1980s East Village scene to create a punk look for his Pit Bull/Dachshund mix Sofia.

Anthony Gil de Rubio (left) designed an original Transformers costume for his dog, Bandit, using plastic, spandex and Styrofoam. He met Amir Dixon Jones at the parade. The 6 year old East Village native was also dressed as a Transformer.

Leslie Koch is a community contributor to The Local East Village.

“Beyond the Dog Run” is a recurring feature of photo essays on neighborhood pets. We’d like to see photos of your pets. Please submit your photos by visiting The Local East Village Flickr Group.