Beyond the Dog Run | Waiting

Today, The Local East Village inaugurates a recurring feature of photo essays on neighborhood pets called “Beyond the Dog Run.”

no dogs allowed - 15

One day, Michael Sean Edwards, an East Village photographer, decided to pay close attention to the dogs that were waiting for their owners outside a neighborhood coffee house. This is what he saw.

no dogs allowed - 16

“I shot all the photos at Ninth Street Espresso,” Mr. Edwards said. “I just got interested in looking at all these mutts staring through the glass door and trying to figure out what the heck was going on.”

no dogs allowed - 05

“There are a few dogs that will get in although they are still tied to something outside. They just kind of jam up the works for a while.”

no dogs allowed - 24

“Best is two dogs on a leash hugging the door and a baby stroller trying to get in or out.”

Mr. Edwards, a community contributor to The Local East Village, has prepared a book of these and other images called “No Dogs Allowed.” It is available at

We’d like to see your photos of neighborhood pets. Please submit your photos by visiting The Local East Village Flickr Group.