Designer Chic at Target Prices

John Derian for Target Insect Appetizer Plates Chic or bargain? A new line makes it tough to tell.

Home goods designer John Derian has been a well-established presence in the East Village for more than a decade. His two, side-by-side eponymous stores on East Second Street carry luxury home goods, artisanal furniture, and antiques – all with a hefty price tag. But now the king of downtown decoupage is bringing his lust-worthy dishware and signature prints to the masses with a wallet-friendly line at Target.

Back in 2008, Mr. Derian designed a well-received capsule collection for the mega-store and this month Target rolled out a second affordable installment of his wares. John Derian store manager Amy Lipkin said that the mass-market collaborations are “a great way to be introduced to an entirely new customer base.”

This time, the limited-edition line, only available for six weeks (from Sept. 5 to mid-October) is larger and more diverse, including home décor, tableware, storage bins and office stationery, each of which can be had for under $25. We sorted through the almost 100-item collection to find the must-have designs whether your budget is East Village bargain or East Village chic. Here are our picks:

Serving Tray

They’re not duplicates but the Target version’s kitsch-turned-cool aesthetic has a similar look to the more traditional black and white tray. Fans of old-school typography will appreciate both.

Chic: Oblong “Letters” Tray: $92


Bargain: Target “Home Sweet Home” Oval Serving Plate: $12.99

John Derian for Target Home Sweet Home Serving Plate

Wall Décor

Those who love the boldness of the multi-piece wall hanging but balk at the equally bold price tag will appreciate Derian’s framed Target prints. At just $24.99 a pop, you can stock up on multiples and hang them together, creating a dramatic look for just a fraction of the cost of those in Derian’s East Village store.

Chic: Oak Tree Multi-Piece Wall Hanging: $1,700 for nine trays.

3_Wall Tree_Hanging

Bargain: Wall Décor in Evergreen Tree: $24.99.

John Derian for Target Wall Decor in Evergreen Tree

Bug Plates

Derian’s love of nature is a recurring motif throughout his collection. The two versions of these quirky bug plates are almost exact matches. Their price points, on the other hand, are as unalike as the rents in Alphabet City 30 years ago and the prices in neighborhood today.

Chic: Round 5 ¾ ” Painted Butterfly and Red Beetle Plates: $48 each

4_Redbeetle plate

Bargain: Target Insect 6″ Appetizer Plate: $15.99 for 8

John Derian for Target Insect Appetizer Plates

Victorian Dishware

The Target mugs not only borrow the Victorian-inspired print from the originals, they also stick to the classic brown and cream color scheme.

Chic: McAllister Silhouettes “Eliza” Plate: $56

5_Profile Plate

Bargain: Stoneware Profile Mug Set: $19.99 for 4

John Derian for Target Stoneware Profile Mug