The Day | Cool Roofs and Stormy Nights

WienerDogRachel Wise

Good morning, East Village.

Much of the city is still cleaning up from Thursday night’s powerful storm, which downed trees in Brooklyn and Queens; our neighborhood was relatively unscathed. As always, though, we’d like hear your stories or see your images.

This morning we noticed a post in The Bowery Boogie about a non-profit group that plans to apply white paint to the rooftop of the Bowery Mission, part of a broader citywide effort to reduce the heat retained by dark surfaces, which scientists believe could have an adverse effect on the environment.

Before the launch of The Local, NYU Journalism student Michelle Regalado reported on a similar effort by another program, NYC Cool Roofs. Ms. Regalado found that painting a roof white could lower its surface temperature by about 30 degrees. “If we end up shaving 1 or 2 degrees, that may not sound like a lot, but that is actually a climate change, ” Stuart Gaffin, a Columbia University researcher, told Ms. Regalado.

In other neighborhood news, EV Grieve has an item about a showing at The Film Forum of a newly restored print of the iconic 1956 documentary “On the Bowery.”

And Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York has an interview with photographer Ted Barron, who discusses his work in the East Village and throughout the Lower East Side.