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Katrina Bowden’s East Village

bowden,smileCourtesy of Katrina Bowden

Katrina Bowden will no doubt be recognizable to her East Village neighbors as 30 Rock’s resident hottie Cerie, who has been known to school her boss Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) on the nuances of social networking. Though she is originally a Jersey Girl, Ms. Bowden, 23, says she was drawn to her home of the past two years “because I like the neighborhood and everything it has to offer: great restaurants, intimate wine bars and a fun downtown vibe.” It’s shaping up to be a thrilling year for the actress, who has three films coming out, including screamer “Piranha 3DD.” Even more exciting? She recently got engaged to her high school sweetheart, rocker Ben Jorgensen. Let’s hear where the happy couple likes to hang out.

Favorite people-watching
Pretty much anywhere! I guess a good place to do it though is at a corner coffee shop like Think Coffee or The Bean. Also, Tompkins Square Park is pretty incredible for people-watching (and cute-dog-watching!). They have a dog park within the park and I often stop to watch the dogs play. It’ll have to do until I finally get a dog of my own. Read more…

All Brunched Out

Hairless Khala Dog Outside Westville, East VillageShawn HokeA Hairless Khala dog stands outside the Westville East — one of the locations where Sarah Shanfield has violently tripped while indulging her brunch habit.

It came on quickly.

I didn’t know I was addicted; I thought I just had a lot of friends. There was that birthday “Kegs & Eggs” celebration for my roommate’s coworker. There was that friend from home that only had a few hours until her return plane ride and desperately wanted to go dine at 11 a.m. at the Boathouse Cafe, “like Carrie Bradshaw!”

And then there was that day I woke up and there happened to be five people sleeping on the floor of my apartment, and the only way to get rid of them was to promise them really good pancakes at the cute little place around the corner.

It’s a sad story, but soon after I moved here, I became addicted to brunch.

I ate so many brunches that I began to choke when I had a piece of fruit that wasn’t drizzled in lemongrass-infused balsamic honey. Friends would joke that my blood was actually just Bloody Mary mix, but after violently tripping on the outdoor tables at Westville East I realized it wasn’t Bloody Mary mix, it was just straight celery juice running through my veins.
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East Village, With All the Trimmings

FxCam_1289336440232Timothy Krause

They say there is a chemical in turkey that makes you sleepy.

Now, it’s safe to say no scientific institution or study has actually proven this information. The truthiness of this bit of knowledge goes unquestioned because on every Thanksgiving day the fact is loudly announced by the obligatory young and obnoxious cousin/child of a neighbor/stranger’s nephew to a room full of people who are wiping gravy sweat from their brows. Often, it’s the last thing many people hear before drifting off into a tortured, caloric slumber.

It is for this reason alone that Thanksgiving shouldn’t be celebrated at home. Since our fair collection of loud and populated street corners means this city never sleeps, we certainly can’t be sleeping on Nov. 25 ; we have things to do. Funkmaster Flex and Swizz Beatz will be at Webster Hall, and after that it’s straight to Union Square to stand in the line at Best Buy. If we sleep, someone will steal our spot.

However, some East Village residents who actually admit to having a family – and maybe, god forbid, a life before their days of wearing a leather jacket – do get nostalgic for sweet potatoes and gizzards. Luckily, a few restaurants are providing prix fixe menus for gobblers of gravy and gratin. And, thank your holy fowls, it’s all the same delicious East Village food at the same reasonable prices.
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