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Did You Vote?

Share your experiences at the neighborhood polling sites. Tell us about the new voting machines, the poll workers, the turn-out — and, sure, if it makes you feel better, sound off about the candidates, too.

Primary 2010|Machine Politics

As if getting New Yorkers to the polls on Primary Day wasn’t difficult enough, the city’s new voting machines may make it harder. Although New York managed to hold on to its lever machines longer than any other state in the country, tomorrow’s primaries will mark the debut of the controversial modernized system.

DSC_0025Alexandra DiPalma Janet Virgil and Jacquie Tellalian on First Avenue.

“I read all about the new machines and have seen the commercials, but I still don’t really get it,” said Jacquie Tellalian, 56 of Midtown, who was strolling on St. Marks Place recently. “They look like a nightmare from hell. It’s like, isn’t there an easier way?”

Rather than simply pulling a red lever, voters use pens to mark bubbles on paper ballots. These ballots are then fed through an optical scanner.

On Aug. 31, the city Board of Elections launched a campaign intended to familiarize voters with the new process, which replaces the machines that have been used since the 1960s.

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