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A Gourmet Cabbie’s Local Dining Tour

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layne 6Simon McCormick Layne Mosler’s quest for culinary delights prompted her to ask cab drivers about the city’s best food finds, like pork soup dumplings at Grand Sichuan.

Layne Mosler is always on the hunt for a good, cheap meal. Back in 2007, she realized that taxi drivers often stumble upon fast food finds in their forays around the city so she started asking them for suggestions and doing taste tests herself. Her culinary escapades have taken her around the globe from Berlin to Buenos Aires and are chronicled on her blog,

Last January, Ms. Mosler decided to join the ranks and became a New York City yellow cab driver, working a 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. shift three days a week.

Ms. Mosler took us on a tour of her favorite East Village eateries last week. Dressed in a taxi-yellow shirt, she said she
chose these East Village eateries because they remind her of her travels. Of course, they’re perfect for a cabbie—or anyone else—trying to catch a tasty, cheap bite in a hurry.
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