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Unable to Cross Avenue A, Stuy Town Resident Is Taken to Hospital

stuyEvan Bleier

An elderly man was taken to Beth Israel a little after 5 p.m. today after having difficulty crossing Avenue A near 14th Street and causing a traffic delay. The man, who said his first name was Henry, was crossing the street with the assistance of a walker when he became immobile. Concerned passersby (including this reporter) came to his aid and helped him walk to the corner, where he sat down.

The man was disoriented and his face was extremely bruised. When a small pool of blood began to form around his left leg, emergency services were called. He told police officers that he was 88 and lived alone in Stuyvesant Town but was unable to say what caused his injuries.

Fire in Stuyvesant Town High-Rise

Daniel Maurer The burnt-out apartment on the fifth floor.

Firefighters battled an apartment fire at 14 Stuyvesant Oval, in the northeast section of Stuyvesant Town, earlier this afternoon. According to a spokesperson for the F.D.N.Y., a report of a fire on the high-rise’s fifth floor came in around 12:39 p.m.; it was extinguished by 1:14 p.m. One civilian and two firefighters were sent to Beth Israel with minor injuries. The cause of the blaze was unknown.

It wasn’t the only incident in the Stuyvesant Town area this afternoon. Around 2:30 p.m., The Local spotted firefighters, including a Haz-Mat unit, at work securing what the fire department said was fuel leaking from a pickup truck parked on 14th Street near First Avenue.