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First Avenue Convenience Store To Be Replaced by Similar

Hetal 111 First Convenience StoreSuzanne Rozdeba

Hetal 111 First Convenience Store on First Avenue was being cleared out by workers today, and a new business is already planned in its place.

“I’m opening a convenience store at 111 First Avenue. That’s my lucky number,” laughed Zahid, the new owner, who declined to give The Local his last name. The number is also the address of the store.

Zahid owns another convenience store in a “quiet” area of Kew Gardens, Queens, but said he likes the vibrancy of the East Village. “There’s life over there. You can see that. I lived in Karachi in Pakistan, and back then, it was thickly populated. It was busy 24 hours. That’s in my system,” he said.

“My target is to open hopefully the first week of next month,” he said. He will sell items including magazines, newspapers, health and beauty aids, candy, beer, and soda. He plans on staying open from 6 a.m. until midnight, and later on weekends.

The store will be called 111 Convenience Store. Sometimes, at least, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Last Slices at Enzo’s

Enzo's Pizza by Tim MilkTim Milk

Enzo’s Pizza, famous to those who dwell near 50 Second Avenue, will be selling slices and soda up through this Thursday, May 12, Enzo’s last day of business.

Enzo’s pizza, made with fresh homemade marinara sauce and topped with real mozzarella — “not that white rubber crap,” as Enzo would put it — will be missed. His eggplant slice with farm-fresh ricotta was a masterpiece offered seasonally, and his delicious hot meatball and chicken Parmesan sandwiches were a mainstay to many in the area.

As ever, Enzo could be relied upon to serve up his specialties with opinions on everything from food to sports to politics. The more poetic aspect of the southern Italian dialect was also a feature whenever an attractive lady passed by his windows.

Stop by the place for one last slice and to say goodbye. There will never be another Enzo’s.

The Droids Are Almost Out The Door

Giant Robot, the Los Angeles-based gift shop and art gallery, is closing the doors of its East Village store Sept. 23. Paintings by Susie Ghahremani and Kelly Tunstall, two of Giant Robot’s most popular featured artists, were selected for the gallery’s last show called “Out and About.”