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And Now an Oil Spill On Third Avenue?

Sanitation truck leak at 11 St. and 3 Ave.Sanna Chu

After the storm, sandy streets have become a fact of life for many New Yorkers. But sand on Third Avenue?

Around 11 a.m., a sanitation truck was picking up garbage when there was a “loud pop,” according to one of the drivers. The truck spilled hydraulic fluid down Third Avenue, from 12th to 11th Street.

Earlier this morning, the fire department had covered the oil slick with sand and the truck was waiting for a mechanic to check on the damage.

Boss Rat

ratpoison_0573aTim Milk

Just a few years ago, in the face of a widespread rodent infestation, a concerned citizen offered the suggestion that New York would do well to appoint a “Rat Czar.” City Hall firmly said no. The idea was, indeed, preposterous. Especially when you consider that the rats themselves had already filled that position.

The Rat Czar is, by all accounts, a shadowy figure, whereabouts unknown. My calls were not returned directly. But the Czar’s own Lieutenant of the East Village, a rat of great cunning, agreed to speak on condition of anonymity:

“I apologize for the security precautions,” he said as we sat down, “but you see, someone is trying to poison me.”

“Oh, how awful,” I exclaimed. “Any idea who’s behind it?”

“No,” he huffed. “It was but a single, cowardly act.”
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