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A Place Where All the Transsexuals Know Your Name

Sandy Michelle and the Ladies of Mug Lounge (2)Susan Keyloun Sandy Michelle (in turquoise) and the Ladies of Mug Lounge.

“Trying to eliminate the old colorful ways of the East Village is like trying to put a marshmallow in a piggy bank,” said the transsexual with the inch-long nails. “It ain’t gonna happen, and why would you wanna?”

As the “Queen of the East Village,” Sandy Michelle should know. She’s hosted parties at Karma and Sin Sin, and now she presides over a weekly “trannie living room” at Mug Lounge on 13th Street. This evening, she’ll be among those participating in the annual Drag March from Tompkins Square Park.

Ms. Michelle’s dance parties are a carnal carnival where wallflowers need not apply. Aside from the occasional appearance from legendary drag performers like Ireland’s Marianne Madox and South Beach’s Ebony Excel, the dancers are all transsexuals and Sandy is their Mama Morton. Originally from Pittsburgh and once a show director at the notorious Club Edelweiss, she’s been promoting her dance parties at Mug for a year now, mostly through social media. (See here for the weekly lineup of “fabulous, sexy sassy gals,” including a recent Kim Kardashian lookalike, and see this video teaser unless, of course, you’re at your work desk.) Read more…