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Astor’s New Hero?

Now that Ryan Gosling has left town, Astor Place needs a new viral-video vigilante, and rapper Kid Lucky might just be him. Check out Daily News footage of the street performer meting justice out to a man who tried to swipe his donation box.

The Mystery of Gosling’s Gallantry

Ryan Gosling still hasn’t said anything about breaking up that fight on Astor Place, and whether it was all a viral stunt as some blogs suspect. Yesterday, E! Online got some details from the photographer who shot the footage (seems Mr. Gosling offered one of the men $20 to end the scuffle), but she doesn’t say when it all went down., which also shares an eyewitness account, says it happened Saturday (when the video was uploaded), but EV Grieve readers spot a clue that they believe proves it occurred sometime before the Flaming Cactus displays went up on July 30. And with this, When Did Ryan Gosling Break Up That Fight? becomes a bigger mystery than Who Fought Gavin DeGraw? Update | 6:25 p.m. Valerie Herrera tells OMGICU that it happened June 24 and it wasn’t a stunt.

Watch Ryan Gosling Seemingly Break Up a Fight on Astor Place

Ryan Gosling is no stranger to the East Village— he’s been spotted prepping for his role in “Blue Valentine” on East 7th Street, chowing down with the fam at John’s of 12th Street, and hitting up 16 Handles with his “Crazy, Stupid, Love” co-star Emma Stone. But he’s never done anything this conspicuous— Lainey Gossip found a video posted to YouTube over the weekend that seems to show the movie star breaking up a fight in the middle of Astor Place. Read more…