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Locals Bracing for a Boiler of a Day

weather_1JPGChelsia Rose Marcius Jorge Ortiz, 65, of the East Village, wipes his forehead with a washcloth to keep cool. Temperatures are expected to reach 95 today, which would match the hottest June 8 in the city’s history.

As we mentioned earlier, today is supposed to be a scorcher, and East Villagers are heading to the shade for what could be the hottest June 8 ever in New York City. Accuweather predicts a high 95 degrees, which would match a city record set in 1933.

Not surprisingly, perhaps, locals seem to be taking it all in stride.

“Not much you can do about it,” said Ivory Brown, 22, who keeps a mesh covering over the stroller of her 8-month-old daughter as they walk along Avenue A. She packs a towel and frozen bottles of water to keep cool, asking passerby to direct her to the nearest pool.

For those who can’t take an afternoon dip, cooling centers citywide will be open for the first day this season.  Here is a list of the centers in the East Village.

Ella Konarska, a caseworker at John Paul II Friendship Center at 103 East Seventh Street between First Avenue and Avenue A, one of the East Village cooling centers, said she expects a few more people to stop by for water or a cold glass of juice.

“It’s hard to tell how many, but we’ve had as many as 10 to 20 people in previous years,” she said, noting that the center serves about 70 older East Villagers daily.

weather_3Chelsia Rose Marcius Pigeons wet their feet in a Tompkins Square Park puddle – one of the few that has not evaporated in the heat.

Yet some locals are leaving the East Village altogether.

Maximo Pantoja, 69, ventures out to Coney Island when his favorite bench in Tompkins Square Park gets too hot.

“Not even my hat can help me now,” he said, pointing to his fedora. He’s just hoping that there’s a cool breeze by the waterfront.

So, what are you doing to beat the heat?