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Woman Plunges to Death On University Place

IMG_5592Alexa Mae Asperin University Place and 13th Street.

A 57-year-old woman died after plummeting from a building on the corner of University Place and 13th Street, the police said.

The fire department received reports of a jumper in cardiac arrest around 11:50 a.m.

Isaac Samuels Bruton, 45, was working nearby on a film shoot when he heard that a woman jumped out of a window. “A couple of my co-workers were going to lunch and said they saw her coming down,” he said.

Shearn Franklin, 20, an employee of Vive la Crêpe, located diagonally across the street, said he was facing a customer when he heard a “loud pop” from the shop’s open windows. “I thought it was someone dropping a box,” he said. He walked outside the store with his manager and saw a person lying lifeless on the pavement. Read more…