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Here’s What the Coen Brothers Have Been Up to Tonight

Photos: Daniel Maurer

As mentioned earlier, the Coen brothers, after filming on Second Street on Wednesday, have been doing their thing on East Ninth Street between First Avenue and Avenue A. Production assistants have kept everyone away from the block unless they live on it or are going to, say, Whitman’s – though Radioman, the notorious set crasher, managed to bike up to the faux Kettle of Fish, and even got a word with Joel Coen. Mr. Coen told The Local he wasn’t doing interviews, but we snagged a few photos of the set (above), plus video of scenes being shot (below), in which two cars – one of them an old checkered cab – rolled down the street.

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And Now There’s Snow on East Second Street

coensEvan Bleier Noah Leyer, left.

In addition to vintage cars, the Coen brothers have now brought something resembling snow to a block where, earlier today, a scene was being shot inside of a building at 77 East Second Street.

Screen shot 2012-02-15 at 12.34.02 PM

The extra attention to detail was no surprise to background actor Noah Leyer, 25, who was prepping for a sidewalk scene. “They had this outfit tailored specifically for me,” he said while waiting for the cameras to roll.

Our own cameras managed to capture Joel Coen sipping a beverage. Yes, the spy-cam shot at right is good and blurry (we’re horrible paparazzi), so you’ll just have to trust us: The Coen brothers are doing their thing.

Update: Slideshow: Coen Brothers Take Second Street Back to 1961

News Cameras on Second Street, Coen Brothers’ Cameras a Block Over

Photos: Daniel Maurer

While news cameras focused their attention on a block on East Second Street where a three-alarm fire tore through a six-story apartment building last night, cameras were out for a different reason one block east: the Coen Brothers have parked over twenty vintage cars on Second Street between First and Second Avenues, where they’re shooting their new film “Inside Llewyn Davis.”

“Hollywood” Nick Pagani, a car wrangler for motion pictures, told The Local that he had secured the vintage vehicles for traffic scenes set in 1961. “We’re only going to drive five of them today,” he said.  Read more…