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Elan Antiques Closes, and Blames a Familiar Culprit

IMG_3021Stephen Rex Brown Jeff Greenberg, the owner of Elan Antiques.

Elan Antiques stayed in business for 23 years, but it couldn’t survive the ailing economy.

“2008 was really the death knell,” said Jeff Greenberg, the owner of the store at Bleecker and Lafayette Streets, just a few blocks away from the temporarily shuttered Billy’s Antiques. “I wasn’t able to recover. It kept getting worse — I really haven’t seen it get better.”

Mr. Greenberg, 58, said that he had been on a month-to-month lease for several years, and that a new tenant — it’s not certain who — had made a large offer on his space. “I can’t bear ill will — that is business,” he added, noting that his current rent is under the market rate. Read more…