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Hunt Still on for Police Impersonators

Suspected Police ImpersonatorsNew York Police Department The suspected impersonators.

The police are still searching for two men who posed as police officers late last year and attempted to rob two spas, one of which is in the neighborhood.

New surveillance images depict the men, who the police say posed as police officers at the Waterfront Spa on First Avenue on December 1. In that incident, the pair flashed a shield and asked to review the spa’s licenses and any cash kept on the premises, police said. A 55-year-old worker was grabbed by one of the suspects but not injured.

A second incident on December 12 at a spa in Washington Heights followed a similar pattern.

In both cases the victims refused and the suspects fled empty-handed.

The suspected police impersonators were first covered in a police blotter in January.

Earlier this week the police announced they were searching for a man who posed as an officer and robbed teenagers in the Bronx of their cellphones.
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