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Making It | Lata Chettri-Kennedy of Flower Power

For every East Village business that’s opening or closing, dozens are quietly making it. To kick off a new series celebrating the neighborhood’s undersung heroes: Flower Power Herbs and Roots.

lataRon Moreno of Brasco Photography Lata Kennedy

Lata Chettri-Kennedy calls herself a “green witch.” At Flower Power Herbs and Roots, established in 1993, she presides over a variety of natural remedies (organic herbs, roots, tinctures, flowers, and essences) that are grown in local backyard gardens, imported from India, or sourced from trusted brands like Gaia and Herb Pharm. Walk into her East Ninth Street apothecary and her apprentices – trained in holistic care – might suggest maca for sexual energy or ashwagandha for anxiety and depression. So what’s her secret for longevity? “My ex was a wonderful real estate negotiator and his negotiation of the lease is the only reason I am still open,” Ms. Chettri-Kennedy told The Local. Her rent was $1,000 in 1994; thanks to an increase of just 5 percent per year, she’s currently paying just $2,000. We asked Ms. Kennedy to tell us more about making it.


Why did you choose the East Village for your business?


I’ve lived here my whole adult life. It’s a neighborhood that relates to me. I know everybody. The original Flower Power was on Second Street between First and A. It was huge and $5,000 a month in the early 90s. Too much for me to afford. I like to say we really opened when I moved into Ninth Street because that was when we were able to feel like we could last. Read more…

On 9th St., The Healing Power of Herbs

A small shop on East Ninth Street, Flower Power has promoted natural healing through the use of flowers and herbs for the past 17 years.

Its owner, Lata Kennedy, and regular customers swear by the powerful medicinal remedies plants can offer.

NYU Journalism’s Sarah Tung explores the healing powers of herbs.