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Flaming Cactuses May Stay a Year


How long will the Flaming Cactus display remain in Cooper Square? Possibly until June 2012. According to a City Room post, that’s how long the city has given the Animus Arts Collective (which first pitched the art project back in 2009) till they have to take down the colorful zip ties.

Street Art: “Walk Man” is Toppled, But Flaming Cacti Stand Tall

untitled.jpg One Animus Arts Collective artist constructs a Flaming Cactus Saturday night

The “WALK MAN” that was erected in Tompkins Square Park over the weekend has already been vandalized (DNA Info has the story), but another art installation is still standing. Over the weekend, a group of roughly ten artists calling themselves the Animus Arts Collective transformed fourteen East Village lampposts into “Flaming Cactus” displays.

You may have seen some of the lampposts at Astor Place; four similar lampposts, festooned with fluorescent cables to resemble cacti, are located on Governor’s Island.

Officials with the New York City Department of Transportation commissioned the project in order to mark the route of the D.O.T.’s fourth annual Summer Streets program. Read more…