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Report: Neighborhood Schools Lag

P3300740Timothy J. Stenovec The East Village Community School and the Children’s Workshop School share a building on East 12th Street and both earned a C grade for academic performance.

Report cards are out for public schools in neighborhoods across the city and the East Village is getting the kind of grades that would cause just about any parent concern.

Of the 15 neighborhood elementary and middle schools graded as part of the city’s annual progress report, which was released on Sept. 30, only four were awarded A’s or B’s. Ten schools received C’s, and one earned a D. The scores dropped significantly compared to last year, when every East Village K-8 school earned at least an A or a B.

Failing grades for schools come with repercussions. Schools that receive low grades can face closure, and the principals of low performing schools can be fired.

Parents dropping their children off at the East Village Community School and the Children’s Workshop School recently were surprised to learn about that their schools were not making the grade.
 Both schools, which share a building on East 12th Street, got C’s this year, although the East Village Community School got D’s in “student progress” and “student performance,” two of the sub-categories that contribute to the overall grade.
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Songs from the East Village and Beyond


A CD called “Songs from the East Village” might make you think old school punk or hipster rock. But for a group of children from the East Village Community School, the CD means music from Puerto Rico, Iraq, Tibet, Ireland and other countries.

“These are songs the children’s grandparents or parents grew up singing,” said Susan McKeown, a Grammy-award-winning Irish singer who produced the album, which was released Monday with a party at the Tenement Museum. “The music is a part of their culture.”
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