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Another Cyclist Struck at Fourth Ave. and Ninth St.

UntitledStephen Rex Brown Medics tend to the cyclist.

A cyclist was hit by a cab after running a red light at East Ninth Street and Fourth Avenue shortly after 6:30 p.m., witnesses said.

The cyclist was traveling west-bound on East Ninth Street, went through a red light and then managed to avoid one cab before being nailed by a second, Katarina Kojic said. “Luckily, I don’t think he hit his head,” she said.

The victim was treated by Fire Department medics and put in an ambulance.

“He came across. There was too much traffic, I didn’t see him,” said the cabbie, Hardyale Singh. “I hit the bike, not him. It wasn’t my fault.”

This is the second accident at that intersection that The Local has recently stumbled upon. In June a pregnant cyclist was hit by a cabbie at the very same spot. Read more…

Unreported Cycling Accidents On the Rise?

Runnin’ Scared has the harrowing tale of an actress and NYU professor, Cynthia Wright, who was nailed by a speeding cyclist while crossing Third Street at Avenue A. She didn’t file a report, but realized days later that she has several visits to the orthopedist on the horizon for damage to her face, jaw, knees and tibia. A friend then posted a sign in the neighborhood asking that the cyclist listen to his conscience, call Ms. Wright and help with the expenses. As it so happens, Andrea Peyser’s column today mentions an East Village man, Jack Brown, who was also injured by a bike but failed to go to the hospital.

Pedestrian Struck By Cyclist at Astor Place

photo 5Lauren Carol Smith The aftermath of a collision between a cyclist and pedestrian at Astor Place.

A cyclist ran into a pedestrian at Lafayette and Eighth Streets yesterday at around 6:30 p.m., a fire department spokesman said.

The 30-year-old woman, who was conscious and not bleeding, was treated at Bellevue Hospital, the spokesman added. The cyclist was not hauled to the hospital.

A bystander on the scene told the Local that the woman had stepped into the path of the cyclist, though that could not be confirmed.

Biking in the Buff

NYC World Naked Bike Ride 1Jim Kiernan
NYC World Naked Bike Ride 2Jim Kiernan Images of last year’s ride.

Among some hardcore cyclists, wearing a helmet is considered a little square. For this Sunday’s nude bike ride, wearing anything at all might seem a bit prudish.

Like modern-day Lady Godivas, local bikers will strip down and pedal around town as part of New York City’s third annual World Naked Bike Ride.

“It really is about environmental consciousness, first and foremost,” said Paul Nocera, one of the ride’s organizers.

Biking in the buff promotes cycling as a safe and fun mode of transportation while offering a visual demonstration of the vulnerability of cyclists, both in terms of bike safety and larger environmental concerns, he said.

The event began in 2004 with two nude cycling groups protesting dependence on oil but the message has evolved to include support of the struggles in the Arab World, solidarity with the people of Japan and protest against vehicular dominance, police harassment and nuclear energy, according to the group’s Facebook page.

But photographs from previous events show the ride isn’t all serious political action. Participants are encouraged to ride as “bare as you dare” and to decorate themselves with brightly colored body paint.

Only one person was ticketed last year for blocking traffic and no one received citations for nudity, Mr. Nocera said.

Participants will meet in the East River Park at Delancey Street at 4 p.m. when the full route will be disclosed. The ride concludes with an afterparty at Time’s Up, an environmental organization in Brooklyn.
Read more…

The Day | Pausing to Remember

Goods BratTim Schreier

Good morning, East Village.

We begin the week on a somber note. The neighborhood paused in remembrance Saturday night, as friends gathered for a vigil in honor of Monica Shay, an East Village resident and Pratt Institute professor who was killed last week. The event turned into a protest of sorts as participants celebrated Ms. Shay’s longtime community activism. Ms. Shay’s nephew and a toddler were also killed in the shooting. Ms. Shay’s husband and another victim in the shooting remain in critical condition.

Two other members of our community will be celebrated and remembered tonight. Friends and family will gather in Queens for a visitation for Dominique Philbert, who died last week. Mr. Philbert worked with his father, George, at Bikes by George on Fourth Street.

In traditional New Orleans fashion, friends of Ray Deter, the d.b.a. bar owner who died from injuries sustained in a biking accident, will take part in a second line funeral march beginning at 7 tonight — a fitting tribute for Mr. Deter who also owned two bars in the Big Easy.