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From the Facebook Wall: A Question About ‘Bed of Roses’

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The Local’s Facebook wall is an opportunity to sound off regarding anything in the neighborhood (noisy neighbors, beloved bar closing, missing squirrel, whatever). Bertha Freundlich — one of our many, many readers in New Delhi, apparently — posted a question on our wall today about the film “Bed of Roses.” Here’s Ms. Freundlich:

Has anyone seen the movie ‘Bed of Roses’ (1996) which shows, besides the love story, the Ottendorfer Branch library? Well there is also this flower shop in the movie, sort of hidden and in front of an open square or something. Any clue if this was also filmed in the Village?

We have no idea. Anyone else know? Tell us in the comments or “like” The Local on Facebook to answer Ms. Freundlich directly.